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Following Jesus: deepening our journey of faith together

Exploring faith is a lifelong journey, and we seek to support one another in our learning and discipleship

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Following Jesus is a lifelong journey and we seek to share that journey together, supporting one another in our learning and deepening our discipleship. Clergy are always willing to answer questions or to accompany you on your journey in whatever way seems most appropriate. Many of our clergy act as spiritual directors or accompaniers, we also prepare individuals for baptism or confirmation if that is the right thing for you.

Pilgrimages and Courses

Praying and enjoying fellowship together while on a journey has been a feature of Christian life for centuries. On pilgrimage we can learn more about our own faith, the history of the church and different spiritual approaches, while getting to know other Christians.

We try to run at least one pilgrimage each year aimed at the Cathedral congregation, but often open to others. 

If you are interested in finding out about our future pilgrimage plans please get in touch with a member of clergy. 

We also run occasional courses on prayer and other events to deepen your faith, visit our What’s on to find out more.


Exploring Faith with the Church of England

The Church of England has a range of free resources, guidance and advice such as how to pray, as well as an online Every Day Faith Portal that can provide digital practical tools to help find God in every day life.

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