The Cathedral

Peregrine Box on the Cathedral Roof

Bristol Cathedral are working with Avon Wildlife Trust to create a wildlife hotspot at the heart of the city.

Bristol is lucky to have a resident pair of peregrines which have taken to buildings at the centre of the city raising a number of broods over the last 5 years. However, this site has not been without its troubles and doesn't represent the safest site for young birds to take their first fledgling flights. 

We are happy to announce that a peregrine nesting box has be placed on the roof of the cathedral, offering a safe and long term nesting site for our cities peregrines. Placed on top of the southwest tower, the box will sit just off the ground within the wall roof space.

Although no guarantee the peregrines will use it, the hope is this box offers a safer and more attractive location than the current nest site or provide an additional site for newly established pairs. We hope to be able to install a webcam providing regular updates and allow ongoing monitoring so we can learn more about our urban peregrines.  

Peregrines will start their courtship displays during early January with acrobatic displays and vocal shrieking before settling down to nest anytime up until March. If successful, we could see eggs in our box as early as Mid-March and young peregrines flying around the cathedral spires by July. 

Bristol Cathedral and Avon Wildlife Trust have partnered for My Wild Cathedral. A spin-off from the Trust's larger programme My Wild City, it aims to show how these iconic buildings can do there bit for urban wildlife and habitat corridors, providing a model for others to follow.

Hear interviews about the peregrine falcon nesting box (01:52:40 and 02:50:00)

We will let you know about any Peregine activity here.

Matt Collis from Avon Wildlife Trust, installing the nesting box.

Image: Sam Hobson