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Opening hours

Opening hours

Admission is free, and you are very welcome to come inside and look around. Feel free to wander and soak up the atmosphere, sit quietly somewhere, or join us in our of our services. You can also visit our shop and café


To find our more about free activities for families and children, click here.  

All our staff and volunteers work hard to help people stay stafe whilst they are in the Cathedral. If you see any suspicious behaviour that causes alarm please make sure you report it to a Duty Verger or another member of staff.  All visitors are asked to keep their luggage and bags with them at all times. We reserve the right to undertake random searches if required. The government has published advice about what to do in the event of a terror attack.  See the Run/Hide/Tell leaflet and film. Also download the free Citizens Aid app for mobile phones which gives security and first aid advice.