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Accessibility - advice for disabled visitors

This section will help you to plan your visit to Bristol Cathedral. For a full report on accessibility please see the AccessAble website.  


Disabled access

The Cathedral was originally a medievel abbey, which later became a Cathedral, so like many historic buildings there are some issues with access and safety.    

  • There is wheelchair access to the nave through the main porch doors and the cloister entrance.  The doors are automatic and there are blue buttons for entry and exit.  There are ramps which enable a wheelchair user to access the east end of the Cathedral, but it is not possible to get down to the cloister, Chapter House and cafe as there is a flight of stairs.  Wheelchair users need to outside and round to the cloister to access the Chapter House and cafe.  
  • There is a disabled toilet which is located in the cloister, next to the cafe. If you are a wheelchair user and wish to access the toilet you need to go back outside the Cathedral, under the arch of the Cathedral Gatehouse building and up the driveway into the Cloister car park, and in through the large wooden door in the corner.  Alternatively, there is a disabled toilet available at the Central Library, next to the Cathedral and Gatehouse office, which is physically closer.  
  • There is no wheelchair access to the cafe.  
  • All visitors should note that the Cathedral floors are uneven, and include gratings. In places the floor level changes abruptly and care needs to be taken. Blind or partially sighted visitors, or those who have mobility issues, may need to take extra care. The areas where the floor level changes are the choir, the north and south choir aisles, the south transept, and the cloister, outside the Chapter House.  Please use the handrails provided in the cloister.    
  • If you want to see what the Cathedral is like before you visit, try our virtual tour.  
  • For information on the nearest car parks please see the section on 'How to find us'.  

Attending services and events 

  • If you are attending a large musical event or service at the Cathedral and are a wheelchair user, please let us know in advance and we can create a suitable seating space within the main nave area.  
  • If you are attending a service we provide large print versions of our service sheets and News and Notes leaflet. Please ask the Stewards as you enter the building. If you need a service sheet or other information in braille please contact the Music Administrator at least three weeks before the event in question, and a braille order of service can be ordered.
  • If you are deaf or hard of hearing we have a loop system in the main Cathedral, and in the Cathedral's Chapter house. We would recommend sitting nearer the front, as the sound quality is poorer towards the back of the Cathedral.   

If you are planning a visit and would like more detailed information in advance about access to the Cathedral please contact the Executive Assistant on 0117 946 8185.