Recruitment of singers and musicians

Being a chorister offers unique opportunities:

We are looking for children who:

Find out more about our Voice Trial Day here.


To become a member of the choir your son or daughter will have a musical audition with the Master of the Choristers & Organist when they are in Year 4. Successful probationers join the Cathedral Choir when they are in year 5 and will be expected to be admitted to BCCS when they reach Year 7. Please contact Bristol Cathedral Choir School for full information regarding Academy entrance procedures. The Master of the Choristers & Organist is happy to see prospective probationers and their parents at any time, for an informal assessment, or to answer any questions.

Once a child joins the choir, the commitment is as follows:

Whilst in the Cathedral Choir choristers receive financial incentives based upon seniority in the Choir.

For an information pack on Becoming a Chorister, please contact the Music Administrator.

Lay Clerks and Choral Scholars

Bristol Cathedral employs both professional Lay Clerks and Choral Scholars. There are six Lay Clerks at any one time - usually 2 altos, 2 tenors and 2 basses.  There are also four Choral Scholars. If you are interested in the opportunities to sing with the Choir please contact the Master of the Choristers & Organist.


The Chapter seeks to appoint a Bass Lay Clerk, a Bass Choral Scholar, and an Alto Choral Scholar, from September 2018. For information, see here.

More information about Choral Scholarships can be found here.

Students from the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol often become Choral Scholars, and new students are welcome to contact the Master of the Choristers & Organist for further information. 

Organ scholar

Bristol Cathedral also employs a Sub-organist and Junior Organ Scholar, in conjunction with Clifton College, sponsored through the David Wilcocks Organ Scholarship.