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BriCKs - Bristol Cathedral Kids

Bricks, Bristol Cathedral Kids, is our brand new Sunday morning offer for children.


Children are invited to join us for prayers, bible readings, teaching and fun activities in a safe, playful and prayerful environment.


About BriCKs

BriCKs takes place during the Sunday morning Cathedral Eucharist at 10.00am.

It is our way of helping primary-aged children to participate fully in an age-appropriate manner in the worshipping life of the Cathedral.

BriCKs involves time in the main service, worshipping with the rest of the congregation, and some time in special activities geared specifically towards children.


What happens?

We start with everybody else in the nave (the main body of the Cathedral) for the opening hymn and greeting. Just after the Prayer of Preparation at the start of the service we then leave the nave for our own Gathering and Liturgy of the Word.

The structure we follow is similar to that in the nave, but geared more towards children.

We have a prayer that gathers us together, a short act of confession, and then time to explore one of the readings used in the nave.

This might involve drama, craft, or other creative responses.

We aim to join the rest of the congregation at the Peace (after the sermon, intercessions and creed) so that the children can see what happens and participate in the Eucharistic Prayer, (when the priest blesses the bread and wine shared in communion).

The children can either stay with the leaders, or be collected by their parents at this point.


What do parents / carers need to do?

Please sign your child/ren in as you enter the cathedral.

Your child/ren can sit with the leaders if you wish at the start of the service, or remain with you until they leave just after the prayer of preparation.

If you intend to accompany your child/ren in the session it is helpful, but not essential, that you indicate this when you sign them in.

Once the children have returned to the nave at the Peace there are two options:

  1. If you wish your child/ren to re-join you at the Peace, please come and collect them when they return to the nave.
  2. If you would like them to stay with the other children and leaders please collect them during or after communion.

We have a clear system for handing children over and handing back that will be explained to you when you sign your child in.


BriCKs is not an children’s alternative to the main Cathedral Eucharist, but a way of helping children join more fully in it.


Let us play!




Do you have a passion for working with young people? Want to make a difference and gain valuable experience?

We are always looking for new volunteers to help support our Sunday School. 

Please contact Fiona Dorman for more information 0117 946 8175

In Advent 2020, we offered a weekly series of short four minute videos introducing the four major Advent themes to children.

Advent 1 - Introducing the Patriarchs

Advent 2 - Introducing the Prophets

Advent 3 - Introducing John the Baptist

Advent 4 - Introducing Mary