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Crosses and Stones

As we mark Holy Week and Easter, Bristol artist Chris Webster brings us an exhibition of 4 striking images of crucifed forms, hung on the gates leading to the Quire. In place from 1 -23 April, these works bring together Chris' interest in religious theme and drawing figures and forms. Admission is free and all are welcome.

The Work

Four crucified forms make up this single work, they were never intended as autonomous independent drawings; they are dependent upon one another to tell their full story. Do not look for martyrs or the son of God within this work. Look instead for the son of man. Each form the sibling of the others, they are born of the same parents; anger and pain, hewn from the same stuff; misery. Hung there through fear and despair.

Abandoned by their brothers, each brought to this end by the free will of man. It is man you see dying on these crosses, not the son of God. For Him you must look elsewhere. Instead what you see in this work is a mirror that reflects our deeds, the blame we lay at the door of our fellow man, what we do to one another, what we have always done to one another, all in the name of God. But God didn’t do this, man did. God has no hand in this. This is all our own handiwork. Hands that moved through fear and hatred brought this about.

These four anonymous figures, without gender, race, creed or name are reduced to bones and flesh, their life spark extinguished, dust returning to dust. The forms scream of the unspeakable ugliness of the act of crucifixion but even in this state the immutable beauty of the figures cannot be entirely denied. The beauty of creation is not so easily discarded and once we see such beauty and allow it into our hearts surely it is more difficult for fear to drive our actions and anger cloud our eyes.

The Artist

Chris Webster initially studied graphic design but has worked as an animator and lecturer for over thirty years. Drawing has remained the focus of both his practice and his teaching for all these years. This has now become the vehicle for the artist to explore personal interests and express a personal creative voice. Following on from his previous work and first major exhibition Stations of the Cross at the Bristol Cathedral in 2016 Crosses and Stones takes his practice deeper into religious themes and investigative concerns around figures and forms.

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