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The Salonika Front

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Salonika, also known as Thessaloniki, is a major Greek port and the capital of the Greek region of Macedonia. It was the site of a large Allied base from late 1915 until the end of the war.

In October 1915 a combined Franco-British force of two large brigades landed at Salonika at the request of the Greek Prime Minister. The objective was to help the Serbs in their fight against Bulgarian aggression. The expedition arrived too late, the Serbs having been beaten before they landed. It was decided, however, to keep the force in place for future operations.

The Allies spent the next several months fortifying the area, and setting up an advanced defensive line. This was successful in repelling the attempted Bulgarian invasion of Greece in July 1916. The Macedonian Front remained quite stable, despite local actions, until the great Allied offensive in September 1918, which resulted in the capitulation of Bulgaria and the liberation of Serbia.