History & Heritage

South Choir Aisle

This is the best place to see the extraordinary experimental vaults of the east end of 1298, and the starburst-shaped tomb recesses which line the walls and are filled with medieval effigies.  The recesses contain the tombs of the successive fourteenth-century lords Berkeley, Maurice (d. 1326), to the left, and Thomas (d. 1321), to the right. There is also a screen, further up on the left, given to the new cathedral in 1542 by the merchant Thomas White.  The stained glass window at the end of the aisle was created by Keith New in 1965, and depicts the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost in an arresting abstract form.   An equally fine enamelled glass window of the late seventeenth century stands in the same place in the other aisle.  At the top end of the south choir aisle there is a soapstone sculpture in the tomb recess, by the Zimbabwean artist Chinyama, of the Madonna and Child with Joseph (1996).

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