History & Heritage


As part of their work on the fabric of their buildings all Cathedrals have to think about archaeology. This means we have an Archaeologist to advise us on any projects that effect the floors, foundations or external precincts. Where we need to go below ground level our Archaeologist will always be involved - assessing what is found for its historical significance and building up our knowledge of the Cathedral and the way it has changed over time. Over the last 6 years we have completed a number of assessments which can be downloaded below. 

Cathedral Schools Trust - some of our buildings are leased to the Trust 

report 710 - 5th form entry project - watching brief on test pits. 
report 709 - 5th form entry project Desk based assessment of intial project scheme - this project involves partial re-development of the site to increase the number of secondary pupils the school can accommodate.  Planning permission was granted in December 2017. 
report 707 - Library Service trench (part of the primary school development project in the central library).
report 704 - Archaeological recording of the Old Deanery - there was a major repair programme following a large water leak.

Cathedral reports

report 702 - Cloister heat main watching brief - as part of our boiler replacement project we had to replace a damaged pipe across the cloister car park
report 701 - Underfloor heating evaluation trenching - as part of the development of our heating scheme we explore options for underfloor heating in the nave and east end 
report 695 - Pates Heat main trench - as part of the boiller project we had to lay new pipework across the school site. 
report 683 - Eastern Lady Chapel - we completed some repair work to the floor in the Eastern Lady Chapel.
report 682 - Chapter House - we completed some repair work to the floor in the Chapter House.
report 642 - Cloister 2010 - an evaluation of the cloister car park
report 663 - Archaeological asessment of the Cathedral (2010)