Social Justice

Food Poverty

Bristol Cathedral is working in partnership with local Bristol food banks and faith partners to draw attention to the issue of food poverty.  
We support the 5k partnership and act as a donation point.  
If you have food you would like to contribute please bring it to the Cloister entrance of the Cathedral at the back and leave it in the donation point in the lobby of the cafe.  
All contributions are distributed to various food banks across the city and are greatly appreciated.  

Partner links 
There are various organisations in Bristol who promote the food agenda more broadly - for example helping people to grow their own food.  See the links below.
Bristol Food Network 
Bristol Food Policy Council 
Bristol City Council manage allotment sites across the city and help people to get an allotment space.  Click here for more information.  
Bristol Local Food directory for those who want to find out more about local suppliers and schemes