The Way to the Manger - A Christmas Children’s Trail

This Christmas, experience the journey to the manger with an exciting, immersive journey around a darkened Cathedral.


Aimed at Key Stage 2 children, this half-hour journey aims to explore the nativity story through a physical journey taken through the Cathedral, with tableaux and music.

In a year when so little has been possible, experience the joy of Christmas this year at Bristol Cathedral and know that Christmas isn't cancelled!

Please note:

  • The ticket price of £20 is per group (maximum six people).
  • This event is aimed at children at Key Stage 2. Children who are younger or older are brought at your own discretion. It is not suitable for babies who have to be carried.
  • The Cathedral will be darkened, and some portable torches will be available. Please note that the building is ancient, and care must be taken when moving around the building.
  • Free parking is available in the Cathedral's Cloister Car Park for the duration of your visit. (Accessible off Anchor Road.)

Posted on 13th November 2020