The 5k Partnership

Tackling Food Poverty in Bristol

The Dean spoke passionately last Sunday, 6th October, on the growing concern of Food Poverty. The Cathedral wants to do all it can to aid those who cannot afford to feed themselves, and we are proud to announce our support for the 5k Partnership, a charity that seeks to help local Food Banks with their mission by encouraging co-operation and providing assistance in their vital work.

It’s tragic that in the 7th largest city in England, and part of the 6th largest economy across the globe, we have significant numbers of people across our city that struggle to put food on their tables. An estimated 16% of the population of Bristol (approximately 70,000 people) suffer from income deprivation, and 25% of our children (over 22,000) live in poverty or receive free school meals.

The 5K Partnership is an umbrella organisation built on the principle of co-operation. It provides a context for existing Food Bank organisations to provide support for some of the most vulnerable people across Bristol and surrounding areas. Each of the member organisations is already making an impact, but the Partnership hopes that by working co-operatively they will do even more to combat food poverty in Bristol.

If you would like to find out more about what The 5k Partnership does for Bristol's poor, and how you can help, please read the leaflet below, or visit their website.

Posted on 7th October 2013