St George’s Day - Ring For England

Today we traditionally celebrate the life of St George (the Patron Saint of England), who was put to death by Diocletian for refusing to give up Christianity.  This year, as part of the Ringing for England campaign our bell ringers will gather to ring a special peal at 6pm.  All across the country other ringers will be gathering at the same time.  The Bristol Cathedral changing bells were taken from the Temple Church in the city which was bombed out during the war, and were placed in the Cathedral's north west tower.  They ring out regularly to call people to worship and to celebrate great occasions and events.  Last year they were refurbished, thanks to the generosity of the Bristol Cathedral Trust.  

The bell ringers at the Cathedral are all volunteers and play and important part in our worship.  If you would be interested in bellringing or other ways to volunteer click here.   For more about bell ringing in the Bristol and Gloucester area click here.  

The formal litrugical celebrations for St George's life take place during our regular services on 28 April (due to Easter).  

Posted on 23rd April 2014