Sarah Williams’ 150 Challenges

Back in 2009, Sarah Williams set up the charity 'Smiling Eyes International', and since then has been working non-stop to complete a total of 150 challenges. At the end of each challenge she presents a charity with a cheque for £150, and we are thrilled to have been the most recent recipient of Sarah's generosity. She presented the cheque to Chapter Clerk Wendy Matthews on Thursday.

Sarah was born with Marfan Syndrome - a connective tissue disorder which affects the eyes, heart and feet, making it difficult for her to walk, and the challenge she undertook before donating to us was to climb all the way to the top of the Golden Gallery in St Paul's Cathedral. Sarah's other challenges have included abseiling, singing, cycling, scuba diving, and even a gorge walk ending in an 18 foot leap off a cliff!

Sarah has spent over 20 years working with under-privileged children around the world. From teaching braille in Kenya to building houses in Cambodia, her commitment to making the world a better place has touched the lives of many. She was awarded the Lord Mayor's Medal this year in recognition of her incredible achievements, and has been featured on The Independent on Sunday's 'Happy List' as one of the 100 most outstanding people who make the country a better place.

Sarah also voices the guide dog Pickles in Aardman's Creature Comforts, and Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park is a patron of her charity.

Posted on 5th June 2014