Sacred Land Tour: Discovering the Medieval Mystical Map of Bristol

  • What is the significance of the original, almost circular shape of the Bristol city?
  • Did you know that Bristol declared independence from England at the start of the 14th century by building a wall?
  • Which church was build to end the first Bristol slave trade of the 11th century only to be demolished at the height of the 18th century slave trade?
  • Did you know that Bristolians while pretending to like William III actually laughed at him behind his back?!
  • In which direction did Bristol bury its dead in the Middle Ages and why?

Martin Palmer leads a guided walk to discover Bristol’s ancient city and tracing the signs and meanings of streets and buildings laid out since the Middle Ages. Starting from St Stephens Church in central Bristol, Martin will guide visitors around the city using the Sacred Land approach, exploring how the buildings and layout of central Bristol reveal aspects of history and spiritual insight from across the centuries. This new perspective will bring a new life to familiar landmarks and a new understanding of Bristol’s spiritual heritage.

Adult: £12; Student/Senior Citizen: £10; Family: £35 (Children under 10 are free)

To book your space contact: Pippa Moss, Personal and Events Assistant, Alliance of Religions and Conservation

The House, Kelston Park, Bath, BA1 9AE

Tel: 01225 758004

For more information visit:

Posted on 14th October 2014