Reflection ~ the enthronement of Bishop Viv

On a crisp autumn Saturday, Bishop Viv was enthroned at Bristol Cathedral in a beautiful and moving service. It started with Bishop Viv arriving at the Harbourside and being met by music from the Salvation Army band and a group of local children. She walked up to the Cathedral and at the start of the service struck the west end doors with her staff three times. The doors opened and Bishop Viv entered the Cathedral to the sound of a trumpet fanfare. She was greeted by the Dean and Chapter and the service began with the Coventry Litany of Reconciliation and then she sprinkled the congregation with holy water. After a hymn, the legal part of the service began with the reading of the Mandate from the Archbishop of Canterbury and various declarations and oaths to the Sovereign. Following bible readings there was a process of commissioning and anointing from members of the community across the Diocese, the Archbishop of York and other visiting Bishops and supporters. Bishop Viv was then formally installed into her 'cathedra' or seat and given her staff of office and then later preached a sermon on the theme of hope and inclusion. The Cathedral choir sang repertoire from the 19th and 20th centuries, of which the outstanding highlight was the MacMillan 'Ecce sacerdos magna' from the book of Ecclesiastes. The service also featured an important premiere of a new piece entitled 'Eternal light, shine into our hearts', which was based on a prayer of Alcuin and was written by Richard Shephard especially for the day. The service finished with a blessing of the city from the west end of the Cathedral. Then everyone celebrated with fizz and cake. 

The Dean and Chapter would like to thank all the staff, musicians, and volunteers who made the service possible. We were particularly glad to welcome former Verger colleagues from Winchester and Westminster who came to support the service.  We were also gateful for the support of the city trumpeters, our visiting musicians, and all the Cathedral volunteers; stewards, flower arrangers, bell ringers, holy dusters, shop staff and others who helped us to prepare and make the building beautiful for the occasion, and manage the complexities of the day. We are very grateful for everyone's support and encouragement. 

Chapter Clerk 

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Posted on 25th October 2018