Our “undivided” series of talks continues

In our post-Brexit, over-heating, Trumpian world, so many words have been spent trying to shed light on the character of our age and propose solutions.  And yet, much of this can feel like noise, and rather dangerous noise at that. Genuinely insightful, calm and generous political commentary is rare. The rules of the game seem to have changed.  Meanwhile, the Church has its own problems, with numbers still falling, a perceived toxic position on human sexuality, and longstanding institutional models looking less and less sustainable.  Yet we believe in the Church, with its ‘pearl of great price’ (or timeless resources of eternal value).  Against the backdrop of our times, what would it look like for the Church to truly find its voice and realise its calling of sacrificial love for the world?  How might the Church need to change?

In 2020, Bristol Cathedral, the Cathedral of the Holy and undivided Trinity, is continuing its successful speaker series undivided.  We will be inviting distinguished speakers with theological expertise to help us reflect on today’s world and explore how the Church might be part of the solution given the challenges we face.  There will be no polemics, no simplistic answers and no denigration of people with whom we disagree, simply a commitment to and hope for abundant life for all. 

Some of the talks will take place in the Cathedral (6.30pm after Evensong) but we are also looking to co-host the series with other venues in Bristol and elsewhere.

To suggest speakers, pitch an idea or offer to host, please contact the Revd Canon Dr Martin Gainsborough, Diocesan Canon at Bristol Cathedral

We particularly welcome enquiries from Christian theologians who are under-represented on the basis of age, disability, gender identity or gender expression, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any other equality characteristic.

Posted on 7th February 2020