Social Justice Group & Charlee Bennett in Conversation

Our Social Justice Group will virtually host Charlee Bennett, Director of Bristol and Bath Parks Foundation, on behalf of the Cathedral at 12noon on Sunday 18 April.

She will talk about the College Green Rewilding Project, and answer questions - there are many! The Foundation will continue to fundraise for further development of the project - there are more details at Whether or not you usually attend Social Justice Group meetings, Martin Gainsborough and Elizabeth Cairncross hope that you will join us. The Zoom code will be available next week from Elizabeth at It will be sent to regular SJG attendees, and to anyone else who asks for it!

An unexpected legacy of Greta Thunberg’s visit in February 2020 has been the emergence of this imaginative project to increase biodiversity and support nature at the heart of the city on College Green. The crowdfund campaign to restore the Green following the impact of the crowd that gathered reached over £15,000 with an additional donation of £5,000 from Good Energy. Bristol and Bath Parks Foundation were asked to be the custodians of the remaining funds following the initial repairs and to co-ordinate a plan to enhance biodiversity of the space. Despite the challenges of the pandemic in the last year, a partnership between the Foundation, Bristol Cathedral, Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate, Avon Wildlife Trust and Bristol City Council has embarked on the first stages of the rewilding of an area alongside the Cathedral building.

The project will include an area of meadows with the planting of 500m2 of wildflowers, native hedgerow and small flowering trees specifically designed to complement the Cathedral’s architecture. Meadow planting will begin this Spring followed by tree, hedgerow and bulb planting later in the year. There will be opportunities for community volunteering and education. 

The Very Revd Dr Mandy Ford, Dean of Bristol says:

 “It is a great joy to be hosting this wild space on College Green in the shelter of Bristol Cathedral, with all its diversity of plants and the promise of insects and birds to enhance the area. As Christians we recognise the importance of care for all Creation and of being good stewards of our buildings and land. This exciting project creates a different kind of space for us to nurture in partnership with others and we look forward to working with the Bristol and Bath Parks Foundation and the City Council in the planting, maintenance and care of this green space.”

Posted on 8th April 2021