Black lives matter.

We at Bristol Cathedral have been closely watching events in the USA and UK over the past weeks, and recognise the importance of the issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement.

We reject all forms of racism, injustice and inequality and we are determined to work tirelessly with others in the city to tackle these issues. We acknowledge that not enough progress has been made in recent years.

We know we need to look closely and as a matter of urgency at our own heritage and history, including the Cathedral’s north window which currently features a dedication to Edward Colston.

We regret all past inhumanities, including the evils of the slave trade. We will continue to listen to, understand, and challenge issues of injustice and inequality today and work to create a future where everyone can play their full part in society.


Part of the Cathedral’s task is to pray. We offer this prayer for our city:

Heavenly Father, your Son set sail across the Sea of Galilee to teach us to love our neighbours as much as we love ourselves.

As we pray in this ancient port city that we love, we bring to you the moments when we have profoundly understood each other, together with the times when we have completely failed to act in common humanity.

We pray that we may learn the lessons of terrible past failures in order to live in greater understanding and deepen our sense of common purpose in coming years. Teach us to thank you, the Father of all, on this day and all days, for giving us our diversity and for all that we can learn from each other.

Help us to explore your creation, in all its wonder and delicacy in an atmosphere of openness, thoughtfulness and with a sacred regard for our common life. We pray this for the sake of your Son Jesus, who came to teach us peace.


Posted on 8th June 2020