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A selection of sermons and addresses delivered in Bristol Cathedral. Please note, the content of each sermon remains the intellectual property of the author.

Harvest (John 6)

The Dean explores the significance of food in the scripture, and contemporary concerns about Food Poverty.

Sermon preached at the Eucharist on 6th October 2013 by The Dean.

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Engagement (Luke 16)

Tom Clammer, Canon Precentor at Salisbury Cathedral, preaches on attentiveness to small things, and the way that we react to challenges.

Sermon preached on 22nd September 2013 by Rev Canon Tom Clammer

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Just War Theory (Luke 15)

The Dean preaches about Just War Theory and what it has to say about the conflict in Syria.

Sermon preached on 15th September 2013 by The Dean.

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The Lord’s Prayer (Luke 11)

The Rev Dr Stephen Hampton, Dean and Senior Tutor of Peterhouse College, Cambridge, preaches about the meaning and significance of the Lord's Prayer.

Sermon preached on 28th July 2013 by the Rev Dr Stephen Hampton

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‘You Have Given The Right Answer’ (Luke 10)

For Canon Wendy's final sermon she talks about affirmation and the stories we tell.

Sermon preached on 14th July 2013 by Canon Wendy Wilby.

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At the Home of Martha and Mary (Luke 10)

The Dean preaches on what good acts mean to Christians.

Sermon preached on 21st July 2013 by The Dean.

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Marking the Boundaries (Mark 7)

Sermon preached on 14th July 2013 by The Dean.

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The Parable of the Seed (Mark 4)

The Dean examines the imagery of the parable of the seed, and explains that it is a story not of judgement, but of hope.

Sermon preached on 2nd June 2013 by The Dean.

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A Sermon Preached at Sixtieth Anniversary of the Coronation

An address about the symbolism of anointment, and significance of the Queen's dedication.

Sermon preached on 2nd June 2013 by The Very Revd Dr David Hoyle.

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Do You Love Me? (John 21)

In this sermon the Dean explains the story of the miraculous catch of fish, urging us to live a life more like Christ's, while recognising that we are flawed.

Sermon preached on 12th May 2013 by The Very Revd Dr David Hoyle

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