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A selection of sermons and addresses delivered in Bristol Cathedral. Please note, the content of each sermon remains the intellectual property of the author.

Bronze Serpents (Numbers 21)

In this sermon on the story of the bronze serpent that Moses set up in the wilderness the Dean talks about the importance of the things we choose to look at.

Sermon preached at Choral Evensong, 16th March 2014 by The Dean

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Sin (Romans 5)

Reflecting on the text: death spread to all because all have sinned (Romans 5:12), the Dean explores the concept of original sin.

Sermon preached at the Cathedral Eucharist, 9th March 2014, By The Dean

Please excuse the previous error - the Ash Wednesday sermon is also available now.

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Ash Wednesday

A sermon for Ash Wednesday

Sermon preached at the Ash Wednesday Eucharist, 5th March 2014 by The Dean

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The Broken Themes of Praise

The Dean preaches on using words wisely and knowing when to be quiet, on the occasion of the installation of Canon Precentor Nicola Stanley.

Sermon preached at the Installation of Nicola Stanley, 1st March 2014, By The Dean

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Baptism (Isaiah 42)

On the celebration of the Baptism of Christ, and following press interest in draft changes to the service of baptism in the Church of England, the Dean preaches about the language of the baptism service and the problem of evil.

Sermon preached at the Eucharist, 12th December 2013, by The Dean

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Cats Might Swim (Romans 13)

On the first Sunday of Advent, the Dean encourages us to have trust and courage when we come to face the Kingdom of God, and reminds us just how different it will be from Earth.

Sermon preached at the Eucharist, 1st December 2013, by The Dean 

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Hope (Lamentations 3)

The Dean reflects on how hope must be found in the midst of a crisis, and how important it is to face up to tragedy.

Sermon preached at Evensong on 4th November 2013 by The Dean.

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Harvest (John 6)

The Dean explores the significance of food in the scripture, and contemporary concerns about Food Poverty.

Sermon preached at the Eucharist on 6th October 2013 by The Dean.

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Engagement (Luke 16)

Tom Clammer, Canon Precentor at Salisbury Cathedral, preaches on attentiveness to small things, and the way that we react to challenges.

Sermon preached on 22nd September 2013 by Rev Canon Tom Clammer

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Just War Theory (Luke 15)

The Dean preaches about Just War Theory and what it has to say about the conflict in Syria.

Sermon preached on 15th September 2013 by The Dean.

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