Faith & Worship

Diocese of Bristol

The Church of England is broken down into two provinces, York and Canterbury, and within that are spatial areas called Dioceses, each of which is headed up by a Diocesan Bishop.  There are assistant Bishops, or Suffragans, who help them in their work. In the Bristol diocese there are 165 parishes, where over 20,000 people worship each week and 69 church schools. See the Diocesan website for more information.

The Diocesan Bishop is the Right Revd Vivienne Faull.  The Suffragan is the Bishop of Swindon - the Right Revd Lee Rayfield. 

The Diocese has a strategy called 'Creating Connections' which focussed on Connecting with God, Connecting with each other, and Connecting with our communities. 

Each Diocese has a Cathedral, which acts as a focal point - formally the Mother church and a centre of worship and mission. See our vision and mission

Each year we will host joint services, activities and other events with the Diocese. This will include services of confirmation for children and adults, and ordination services for new priests and deacons.