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Week 43 - Christina Gorzkiewicz

In this week's #BlessedIsShe, we meet Christina Gorzkiewicz, member of the Choral Foundation, and a former chorister parent.

In this centenary year of women's suffrage, we are celebrating the women who play important roles in the daily life of the Cathedral community.

Each Saturday of the year, we will be sharing a different story here and across our social media. 

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What’s your connection with Bristol Cathedral?

I started attending services at the Cathedral after our daughter [Ceni, who we featured back in January] became a chorister. Becoming involved with the choir led, initially, to supporting chorister events, tours and Choral Alumni Reunions and now to working with the Cathedral Choral Foundation as it supports the Cathedral’s fantastic musical tradition. 


How long have you been associated with the Cathedral?

Since 2005 so thirteen years now!


What first drew you to Bristol Cathedral?

Both our children attending Bristol Cathedral School, more closely when our daughter became a chorister and later, a member of the Cathedral Consort. Being a chorister parent and supporting your child and the choir family through both happy and challenging times, is a huge commitment. However, its rewards are great; friendships for life and a deepening love of choral singing and liturgy.


What have been some of your personal highlights?

Preparing hot suppers with other parents for the choristers prior to the Christmas services and the scramble to feed them whilst keeping their surplices clean! Then taking our seats for the service in the candlelit cathedral, just in time, knowing that, on this holy night, it was our children’s voices that were continuing the precious choral traditions.  

Joining other parents as ‘choir groupies’ on the Bordeaux Tour. Hearing the choir sing in medieval churches in France and witnessing the emotion and appreciation of so many congregations.   


What would you like to see the Cathedral doing over the next few years?

Continuing its great tradition of wonderful liturgy, music, preaching and community involvement.

I believe strongly in the value of choral music, because it uplifts and inspires so many of us. I would like to see continued encouragement and support offered to the choristers as they develop through tuition; opportunities for scholarships and choral courses so that, when they leave the choir, they feel able to bring their love of music and singing to others.

Continuing the great variety and high standard of the exhibitions and events. 


What does the Cathedral mean for you?

A place of both energy and peace and a spiritual haven. I find it both moving and reassuring to think we are a small part of an ancient but continuing tradition.