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Week 35 - Sarah Jenkinson

In this week's #BlessedIsShe, we meet Sarah Jenkinson, the chorister tutor and a former chorister parent.

On Wednesday, the cathedral choir returns after their summer break. 

In this centenary year of women's suffrage, we are celebrating the women who play important roles in the daily life of the Cathedral community.

Each Saturday of the year, we will be sharing a different story here and across our social media. 

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What’s your connection with Bristol Cathedral?

I am the chorister tutor and mum to two former choristers.


How long have you been associated with the Cathedral?

Despite living in Bristol since 1985, I didn’t step foot in the cathedral until our second son became a probationer in 2004. So, 14 years now.


What first drew you to Bristol Cathedral?

Initially the music at the Evensong services, but also the beauty of the worship. I was a lapsed Anglican with almost no awareness of choral music. I had moved to the URC and a more relaxed and evangelical style of worship, but was drawn back in by the liturgy. The other chorister parents were also very welcoming – the choir is like family.


What have been some of your personal highlights?

The BBC live broadcast last Christmas morning, the gorgeous CD that’s just come out, all our tours abroad… Working with the cathedral’s music department is one of the best things I do.


What would you like to see the Cathedral doing over the next few years?

I think the social media side of the cathedral’s work is bringing more people in to our cathedral and raising awareness of the cathedral in the city and region. I called an ambulance to school once and gave the cathedral as a landmark, only to be asked where/what that was! Keep up the good work, Naomi and Tim!

The success of the two Carols by Candlelight concerts and the Toddlers’ service has been a resounding endorsement of the cathedral’s engagement in the life of the city and I hope to see this continue to grow.


What does the Cathedral mean for you?

I feel at home in the cathedral – it’s my refuge in a storm. I love looking at the worn steps on the night stairs and realising how small and unimportant we are in the grand scheme of things, how many people have worshipped here before us and how many will succeed us in the future. It takes the pressure off, but I’m not exactly sure why… We’ll have simply played a tiny part in the long history of this building and indeed of the world.