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Week 34 - Dalia Nikadon

In this week's #BlessedIsShe, we meet Dalia Nikadon, who works in the Cathedral Shop.

The Shop is open daily, from 10.00am to 4.00pm, and on Sundays between the services.

In this centenary year of women's suffrage, we are celebrating the women who play important roles in the daily life of the Cathedral community.

Each Saturday of the year, we will be sharing a different story here and across our social media. 

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What’s your connection with Bristol Cathedral?

I work at the Cathedral Gift Shop.


How long have you been associated with the Cathedral?

Since October 2017.


What first drew you to Bristol Cathedral?

I used to visit the Cathedral and occasionally attend Evensong when I was stressed with Uni work because the atmosphere was really calming, so I was very happy to get a job here in my last year of Uni.


What have been some of your personal highlights?

Working in such a beautiful and uplifting environment makes me look forward to coming into work, and I love listening to the choir and organ practice. I especially loved the Cathedral in December as there were a lot of Christmas concerts, lights, and cheerful people.


What would you like to see the Cathedral doing over the next few years?

Carry on with events like Journey to Justice and exhibitions like No Man’s Land, which highlight different perspectives and social issues and give a voice to people who previously felt unwelcome and unheard in the Church.


What does the Cathedral mean for you?

Other than my place of employment, the Cathedral is a safe haven in the middle of a very busy and loud city centre.

It’s reassuring to have a place you can go to and re-centre when you’re feeling overwhelmed, even if you aren’t religious and just want to admire the architecture or sit in the garden.