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Week 32 - Rachel Barrett

In this week's #BlessedIsShe, we meet the Revd Rachel Barrett, a member of our congregation and one of our day chaplain volunteers.

In this centenary year of women's suffrage, we are celebrating the women who play important roles in the daily life of the Cathedral community.

Each Saturday of the year, we will be sharing a different story here and across our social media. 

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What is your connection with Bristol Cathedral?

Paul and I are members of the 10.00am Sunday congregation. We are on the Friends council and enjoy taking part in the different events through the year.

On the first Thursday of the month and one Saturday a month we act as day chaplains and one of us presides at the 12.30pm daily Eucharist.  


How long have you been associated with the Cathedral?

Since we moved to Bristol in September 2016.


What first drew you to Bristol Cathedral?

We first came to a 10.00am Eucharist when we were visiting our daughter who has lived in Bristol for a few years. The quality of worship coupled with the warm welcome we received from the clergy and members of the congregation encouraged us to make this our place of worship when we moved here.


What have been some of your personal highlights?

The Advent service with the progression from darkness to light is so beautiful and a wonderful antidote to the commercialisation of the preparation for Christmas.

One of my favourite places in the Cathedral is the Berkeley Chapel and sitting quietly in there before Morning Prayer is always a special moment with the sense of being in a place where prayer has been offered for centuries.


What would you like to see the Cathedral doing over the next few years?

To continue to offer the traditional forms of worship which are so well planned and presented while exploring ways in which to offer worship which may meet the needs of those who would not normally think of worshipping in a Cathedral.

I would like to see the Cathedral further develop the welcome given to visitors and to have a programme of events and exhibitions that attract a wide range of people. When people do visit I would like them to leave understanding that the whie the Cathedral is a beautiful and historic building it is primarily a vibrant place of Christian worship and witness.


What does the Cathedral mean to you?

It is where I am part of a worshipping community. For most of my life I have worshipped in modern church buildings and I love the sense of continuity provided by an ancient building.

It is where I have made friendships that I value and where I have briefly met people from all over the world and enjoyed sharing stories with them.